How to attempt the MDCAT test in the best way

MDCAT is an important test that is mandatory to take if students want to pursue a degree in the medical field. The test in itself is not complicated but many teachers and personals have surrounded so many rumours it that is going to make every student interested in the Medical field choose others.  

However, as low as the complications of the test arise, the hours of studying and continuous practices the students have to take to gain the perfect score is bound to get them all stressed up and frustrated. With the right approaches and the methods represented in this article, they will be able to score at the exact level of your overall performance. 

The MDCAT test consists of a total of 210 marks, out of which 80% of questions are taken from the biology section, 60% from Chemistry, 50 % from Physics, 10% is from English and 5% from Basic Logical Reasoning. 

The logical reasoning section sort of challenges the overall IQ level of the students and are added in to determine their analytical abilities. 

Practice Time Management

The MDCAT test entirely depends on how well students can solve all of the questions of the test in the minimum amount of time possible. The official announcement of the test dates is provided 3 months before. So, the students have a total period of about 90 days to prepare. In this timespan, the best thing to do is to manage yourself accordingly. Charting a timetable that has all of the subjects written with specific dates will enable you to focus greatly on your practices. 

  • Keep calculations at your fingertips

One of the most successful attempts to complete MDCAT questions is to be quick in solving mathematically derived questions. Without the usage of calculators, sharpening your mind with quick math problems with not only help in Chemistry and Physics subjects but also in the logical reasoning section as well. 

  • Practising on solved MDCAT Books

Well-prepared MDCAT solved books are provided to the students by various medical institutions and colleges in order for them to attain better percentages. The books have detailed explanations and quick guides on tricky questions(How to avoid them etc.) avoiding any trivial information that is unnecessary. 

  • Online MDCAT preparation tests

Various online tuitions and medical firms are offering MDCAT preparation tests as well. These tests are programmed and designed to ensure that the students know what they are dealing with.  Attempting to solve these questions will help them gather valuable information on which sections takes the longest to complete etc. 

The MDCAT test takes about three hours to complete. So, the students need to practice accordingly and determine which section is the easiest and which is the hardest. In most cases, the biology section is noted to be the easiest out of them all. The physics and chemistry section contains questions that regards mathematical solutions so attempting them on the second or third tries is the most plausible solution. The English and Logical Reasoning is better attempted in the latter. 

Students can also set up timers for solving sections of the MDCAT Exam. Setting up time limits for solving specific questions without the usage of calculators will give them the upper hand during their final tests and they will be able to solve the questions easily and quickly.

 Change subjects every two or three days

Do not attempt to study the same subject for weeks. The human mind only has a short attention span and cannot adhere to information about the same subject for continuous periods of time. Instead, try to change subjects every two or three days. As reported by a lot of MDCAT toppers, this lowers the pressure on the brain and increases the overall attention span of the brain as well. Studying for a hard subject such as Physics that requires mathematical knowledge and then changing to English, will enable the students to ease up and reduce taking major stress. 

Focusing on Weak Subjects

Honesty is integrity. The students need to focus on the subjects that they are weak in. If the student has scored the lowest in Chemistry then they need to focus on that. Similarly, if they are not good in English then they need to focus on the grammatical formulas and sentence structures. This does not mean that they should only focus on these subjects, they need to focus on all of them but each as its uniqueness. Great Focus will bolster the student’s ability for scoring amazingly in their final exam. 

MDCAT Test changes

The MDCAT test changes its exam pattern continuously. From the official MDCAT medical website, the students should regularly check it and see if there have been any apparent changes to the exam pattern. What sort of questions are important and have chances to appear more than other ones. Focusing on questions that have a chance of appearing in the test will enable the students to have the upper hand in their final examination. There are hardly any cases where questions come out of the syllabus. So, following the proper pattern of the MDCAT guide will significantly help the students. 

Setting up techniques for the Test

As mentioned earlier in this article, setting up necessary routines and techniques for the test will enable the students to inherently focus and increase their memory. The total time of the MDCAT test is 3 hours(90 minutes), so follow a pattern to solve each question based on the students’ apparent skills. For example:

  • If the student is better in Biology spend a total time of 20 minutes solving each question 
  • If the student is a little weak in Physics, try spending 25 minutes to solve those questions. 
  • If the student is better in Chemistry, try spending 18 to 20 minutes solving that section. 

Dividing the time into the sections will give the students an upper hand in the test and will save them more time. Many top MDCAT passers have reported that leaving the logical reasoning and English section to attempt at the final hour of the test is more beneficial than attempting to solve it in the first attempt. They do not require much time and are also quicker and more feasible to solve than other questions. 

Seeking the right sources as Materials for the exam

Many students tend to join educational institutions for help in studying for the MDCAT exam. Although it is a good choice, it is not always advisable to do so. There are various guidebooks and videos online that give you even better tips and videos for the solutions of the MDCAT Exam. They are more recommended than spending money on educational institutions. For example, Khan Academy has many kinds of teachers that are more than qualified and will guide the students in solutions of the mathematical questions in a quick and brim manner. Various other Books and videos also exist online such as the official PMC website who offer properly materials for the exams. 

Consume food that enables your brain to focus and increase memory

The intake of a proper diet has major effects on the brain. Continuously studying and not following a proper diet plan, the students will not be able to function properly. If the body is not being fed with necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals then they will be unable to solve the problems of the exam and will also have difficulties in focusing and storing memories. 

  • What kind of foods should the students intake? 

If the students are consuming caffeine then they should swap it with Herbal teas like Green Tea or any other fruity flavoured teas. Swap sweet and savoury, creamy biscuits with wheat grained biscuits like Tuck etc. Avoid Oily food products and instead consume Boiled Fishes, Steaks. For increasing Energies, the students should stick to Fruit smoothies or milkshakes with specialized nuts and almonds. 

Another great consumption product would be yoghurts. Loads of MDCAT passed students have reported having a drastic increase in their memories and focusing ability when they followed a healthy diet plan. 

  • Regular Exercises in the morning

It is also advisable to the students that they need to perform healthy exercises as well. Studies have shown that regular exercises helps in the oxygenation of the brain and release stress levels, helping the students in relaxation and focus. 

Resting earlier in the night and rising earlier in the mornings to exercise also has a greater effect than usual. It is reported that your brain earlier in the mornings tends to focus far greater and has a greater time of memory storage than earlier in the days or even late at night. 

  • Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things whilst studying for the MDCAT test. Continuously drinking water will help the students in a proper flowage of oxygenation in their body and in their brains which will again enable them to focus more executively and more accordingly.  

It is noted that roughly 25% of students pass MDCAT tests and only 10% are selected. These statistics are not there to worry the students but exist to help them. If the students practice thoroughly and focus on a proper study table that they have created, it will help them significantly in their path to success. Another important tip for the students to follow is to stay motivated. The passage of any exam depends on the hardships that they are willing to take. So, focusing on it continuously and having the will to stand against any hardships will enable the students to not only pass but also thrive amidst the competition of MDCAT test takers.

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