How many times can you give MDCAT?

Are you going to apply for MDCAT 2022? Are you worried about your future? The only question that continuously knocks at your mind is how to get enrolled in any medical or dental college. Is there any way? If yes, then how many times can you give MDCAT?

No worries, you can apply for MDCAT for unlimited times. So, if by any chance you will not get enough marks, don’t feel sorry as you have other opportunities to enhance your skills and get success in your life.

Let’s discuss what you should do to become successful in MDCAT and how many times you can attempt the paper.

How many times can you give MDCAT?

Before discussing this topic, you have to understand what MDCAT is, its importance, the hours dedicated to its preparation, and how to become successful in it. Let’s discuss them one by one, so you get the most out of it.

What is MDCAT

MDCAT is basically an NMDCAT, which means National Medical & Dental College Admission Test. It is an annual standardized computer-based exam for admission to MBBS and BDS degree programs in Pakistan and globally.

It is a requirement for admission to all public and private medical and dental institutes in Pakistan. Moreover, the same goes for Medical Cadet admission.


Although you will get the syllabus from the Pakistan Medical Commission’s website, I am still discussing the subjects with their respective percentage in the total numbers.

  1. There are 68 MCQs of biology, the most crucial section with 32%.
  2. There are 56 MCQs of chemistry, the second most significant section with 26%.
  3. There are 56 MCQs of physics, the third most considerable section with 26%.
  4. With 20 MCQs of English, it is the fourth most essential section with 10%.
  5. The test concludes with ten multiple-choice questions on logical reasoning with 5%.

Test type

Now, to better understand MDCAT, it’s time to examine its structure and weightage and the difficulty levels of the test, then apply for MDCAT.

As there are 5 subjects, the multiple-choice questions are divided into 5 distinct portions. There are 210 MCQs, and you will get 210 minutes for this MDCAT test, one minute for each MCQ.

Of the total 210 MCQs, 20 % are easy, 60% are medium, and the rest, 20% are hard. And you have to get a 65% minimum percentage to pass this MDCAT test.


  • There are only 3405 seats in public medical institutions for admissions exclusively based on past academic records (open merit format) in Punjab.
  • Two hundred sixteen seats are available in public dentistry colleges in Punjab.
  • Furthermore, specific seats are set up for foreign and dual nationals.
  • There are additionally 76 seats reserved for Pakistanis living abroad.
  • Overseas Pakistanis do not have to pay a higher tuition cost than foreign citizens, who pay around $10,000 per year. This amount is often quite a bit lower than the fees paid to many educational institutions in other world regions.

How many times can I attempt MDCAT?

Although the Pakistan Medical Commission conducts the test of MDCAT once a year, you can attempt it as many times as you want. So, if you want to give yourself another chance, you have it without any age limit or the number of attempts.

I highly recommend not to prepare for the exam by yourself; seek counseling always from suitable teachers. If you do not have good marks in FSC and have failed in one or two MDCAT attempts, you can also go into other fields. But if you want to become a doctor or dentist, never give up.

How can I get the highest marks in MDCAT?

Here are some tips to get the highest marks in MDCAT.

Focus on your studies

MDCAT is conducted after three months of FSC results. It means the students have 90 days for MDCAT Test Preparation. You have to focus on your studies entirely, give your 100% commitment and make efforts to pass the exam. Pupils who are focused are more likely to succeed than students who are not.

Follow PMC syllabus

Download the syllabus from the website of PMC and follow it thoroughly. It will help you to focus on more critical points.

Set a timetable

Set a proper timetable, don’t give your 24 hours to study. Do your other work, and take adequate time for rest, but once you start studying, entirely focus on it without any distraction.

Seek guidance from proper teachers

One of the crucial points is to seek guidance from experienced teachers. Ustad Foundation is the best academy for MDCAT Preparation. They will adequately guide and help you achieve success and gain good marks.

Focus on your weak points

As MDCAT has 5 subjects, it is good to pay equal attention to each subject but try to give your weak points or weak subjects more time.

Practice Tests

Students can considerably benefit from taking MDCAT-style examinations before their exams. Students who have taken practice examinations like these will be more prepared when they sit for the MDCAT exam in the future. They can use it to gauge their level of preparedness and pinpoint their areas of weakness. Moreover, papers from previous years can also be proved beneficial.

Strategy for test

Each MCQ of the MDCAT test has one minute to solve; first, make a strategy to solve your whole paper. Think positive and go for the exam. Never give extra time to one MCQ; try to complete the entire paper on time. 

Best book for MDCAT preparation

Best books for MDCAT Preparation are always textbooks but you have studied textbooks in FSC again and again and Now you need practice of MCQs to sharpen your concepts. The best book for MDCAT MCQs practice is PMC MDCAT Book which is according to PMC Syllabus 2022 and includes all subjects.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Logical Reasoning

Click here to Order PMC MDCAT Book and get at your doorstep with cash on delivery.

How many hours should I study for MDCAT?

Although it depends upon the students and their ability to understand, learn and perceive things. However, for most people and students, 10 to 12 hours per day are more than sufficient for the perfect preparation for MDCAT.

But it doesn’t mean to take books, sit, and start blindly repeating and reciting the exact phrase for a few minutes. Rote learning must not be your strategy for MDCAT.

As the MDCAT test is based upon MCQs. So, you have to make a strategy according to the type of paper. Let’s discuss them

  • If you have 10 to 12 hours free for study, break this time for proper study.
  • At least give 2 to 3 hours to textbooks.
  • Then 4 to 5 hours are good enough for preparing MCQs.
  • Then one hour for English language or focusing on your English composition and comprehension skills.
  • And the rest is for revision of the past topics.

But what if you have some other work to do, like attending classes it may take 4 to 6 hours daily. Still, you have 6 to 8 hours to study. Most importantly, keep in mind that study means to learn; you have to make yourself indulge entirely in studies, not taking it for granted. Whatever time you have, divide it into all the sections mentioned above.

Who is teaching MDCAT Best Classes in 2022?

Although there are many academies physical and online that ideally teach MDCAT. However, Ustad Foundation is teaching MDCAT Best Classes in 2022.

The Final Thought

I hope after reading this detailed guide about how many times can you give MDCAT, now you are hopeful enough to clear it. Don’t bother about your prior experience; give yourself another chance and learn everything by heart and seek knowledge from experienced teachers. After this, you will be successful in your MDCAT test and become a future doctor. 

How many times can you give MDCAT
How many times can you give MDCAT

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