How Many Times a Student Can Give MDCAT in Pakistan?

Have you completed your FSC and are going to take College/University Admission Test? For admission to medical or dental college, you have to clear MDCAT. But what if you have attempted the test already but failed it?

Taking the MDCAT test and failing it makes every student dishearten. And if you find out that you can only take this test a few times, then you will suffer more. Then what should you do? Can you give up on your dream of becoming a doctor? No, never think in this way.

Because according to the MDCAT latest news, you can now take the exam unlimited times until you satisfy your number. Moreover, there is no age limit, so you can try as many times as you want. Don’t leave your passion; prepare with a plan and achieve success.

Although you got the answer of how many times a student can give MDCAT in Pakistan, the important thing is to know how you can benefit from this opportunity. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How Many Times A Student Can Give MDCAT In Pakistan

Although the answer is simple, you can do it several times without any limitation. But instead of focusing on that particular point, it’s time to discuss the process that makes you successful without wasting your time. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How Long is MDCAT In Pakistan?

The total length time for Pakistan MDCAT depends upon the total number of MCQs. Many tests in the world offer 1.5 minutes for each multiple-choice question. However, some give only half a minute to do one MCQ. So, let’s discuss this in detail.

Total MCQs

The total Multiple Choice Questions you have to solve in the MDCAT test are 200. These numbers are not divided equally into subjects but depend upon different factors.

No MCQ is extra; you have to complete the whole paper to get a maximum percentage to achieve the opportunity to get admitted to a medical or dental college or become a medical cadet.

MCQs Per Subject

When you download the syllabus of MDCAT from the Pakistan Medical Commission’s website, you will get to know that it contains 5 subjects, each with several topics.





Logical reasoning

Each subject has a different number of topics and the total percentage in MCQs. But remember, all MCQs carry equal marks, so never consider any point less critical. The number of MCQs per subject is as follows.

SubjectTotal MCQsPercentageNo of topicsImportance
Biology6834%13Most crucial section
Chemistry5427%19  Both have similar significance.
English189%6Grammar & Composition
Logical reasoning63% Test your Intelligence

Total Time

The total time given for the MDCAT Exam In Pakistan is 210 minutes. It means you have a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete your MDCAT.

As the test contains 200 MCQs, you will get one minute for each MCQ. So, prepare yourself according to this, and keep in mind the shortage of time.

The best way to prepare yourself for this is to take the previous papers and mock exams to understand time management better.

Moreover, you don’t need to think a lot before answering the question. The paper will not be too tricky if you prepare the syllabus thoroughly. Because according to the pattern, not a single question will be out of the syllabus.

Even if you think that the asked question is not a part of your MDCAT books or syllabus, the administration will remove that question and give full advantage to all students. So, the best practice is to stick to your MDCAT syllabus and prepare yourself for the test.

How Many Times Can You Attempt MDCAT

I have mentioned before that there is no limit to taking the MDCAT. You can try it several times. The new policy gave this happy news to students. But is it helpful in any manner? What if you getting fail continuously in the exams.

Indeed there is a particular reason behind it. It might be your strategy, your learning process, and your time whether you get several attempting opportunities; what if you can’t avail this opportunity correctly.

To get the maximum out of this, let’s discuss what you should actually do to pass the test in a single attempt.

However, there are many crucial points to discuss but here I am going to discuss only three points that are more important.

Best MDCAT Book

Set a Timetable,

First of all, the timetable is vital because if you don’t have proper time management, then you feel that you are going to waste your time.

As you have a lot of stuff to do daily, you have to manage time. The maximum you can get for studies is 8 to 12 hours a day.

So, first, divide this time according to the most important to most minor subjects. Then find out your weak points and focus on them; give at least 2 hours to English grammar and composition and an hour to revision.

Seek a professional’s help

The most crucial point is to find someone professional or senior for help. Self-study is a good thing but passing the MDCAT is not a piece of cake. You need proper guidance to understand the points and clear your concept as you are going to attempt the MCQs based exam, which is tricky to answer as the questions come with manipulating 4 answers.

Try to find someone near your residence to help you in MDCAT test preparation. However, if you want someone who can help you throughout your preparations, then online academies are the best option, like Ustad Foundation.


As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. Yes, the dame formula is applied here. Revising the concepts and chapters helps you to memorize the points more efficiently. But practicing the past MDCAT papers offer great help. By solving those papers, your confidence level boosts up, and you feel that you are now fully prepared for the test.

Moreover, the MDCAT mock test will further help you. As many peppers you will solve, you are more confident for the real MDCAT exam.


What Does MDCAT stand For?

MDCAT full form is the Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Test. A computerized test based on 210 MCQS necessary for admission to medical and dental colleges in Pakistan.

Can we Repeat MDCAT

Yes, you can repeat it, as MDCAT updates declare that a candidate can appear in the examination as many times as he wants. 

What are MDCAT eligibility criteria in Pakistan?

At least 70% marks in the matric and intermediate are necessary. But if you have fewer numbers, you can still apply for this test. Moreover, the candidate must pass the intermediate with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The Final Thought

I hope now you can understand how many times a student can give MDCAT in Pakistan. In addition, the steps mentioned above for preparation will help you a lot to pass the exam this time. So, follow them, prepare yourself, think positive, and do your best. You will definitely succeed this time.

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