How many marks are required in FSC for MDCAT

How many marks are required in FSC for MDCAT?

FSC in biology, physics, and chemistry is necessary for taking part in MDCAT. And this test is essential for admission to any medical and dental college. If you have decided to become a doctor, you have to work hard in your matric and Intermediate; otherwise, you can’t make yourself eligible for MDCAT.

Many people believe that there are no particular percentage criteria by the PMC, but 65 percent in the intermediate examination is necessary for a student to achieve for getting registration in the MDCAT. Let’s solve this puzzle in addition to how many marks are required in FSC for MDCAT, which other factors also play a crucial part in your medical journey.

How many marks are required in FSC for MDCAT?

The answer is simple 65%. But do you know what this term means and why everyone is discussing it nowadays? How to pass this important test? Let’s figure it out.


MDCAT is a national-level Medical & Dental College Admission Test, a computerized MCQs-based test, conducted by PMC annually. Without taking and passing this test, no one can get admission to any medical and dental college in Pakistan, even not be able to become a medical cadet.

Are you eligible for MDCAT?

If you have passed your FSC with science subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry, you are eligible for MDCAT. Moreover, O and A level students can also take this test. PMC declared that 65% Fsc marks for year 2022 are essential for getting admission. If you have 60% marks in the 1st year and your 2nd year result is not out, you can still make yourself registered for MDCAT.

How an FSC student apply for MDCAT

The procedure of applying for the MDCAT test is the same for all students. Let’s discuss it.

Register yourself

The required total Marks for MDCAT in intermediate is 65%. So, if you successfully achieve this criterion and are above 17 years old, it’s time to get registered for MDCAT.

Firstly, visit the official website of PMC, which is The page appears where you get the option MDCAT. Below this option, you will find the exam registration option. Click on it, and a new page will appear. If you are a new user, register by choosing the signup option or, if not, choose the option login.

Then put your required information in the blocks like

  • Name (in both languages, English and Urdu)
  • Email
  • Password (remember it for future use)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Phone number
  • CNIC

And then click on the register button.

Login to your account

Once you register, log in to your account using the information you have submitted in the signing up process.

Upload documents

After logging into your account, upload the required documents to fill up the application form. 

  • Personal documents
  • Academic documents

The documents include

  • Matriculation Result Card
  • Fsc Marks Sheet
  • CNIC/B-Form/NICOP or Passport
  • Blue and white background (colored copy) of your passport size picture

Pay challan

After completing and submitting the application, you will get the option to print out the challan picture. Take a printout of it, and go to any branch of HBL, ABL, or MCB banks that is near you.

The challan fee is Rs 6000. Once you paid it, scan the paid challan pic for submission. Again, log in to your website, upload the scanned copy, and click on the final submission button. Make sure your all documents and filled information are correct.

Login to your account to check the details

After that, again log in to your MDCAT portal between the 20th and 25th of July to check your exam schedule.

Download the syllabus of the MDCAT

After successfully getting registered for MDCAT, it’s time to move further. Your first step must be finding the syllabus of the MDCAT test preparation. You will easily get it from the official website of PMC. Never take random books and start studying by yourself.

The MDCAT is entirely based upon the syllabus; no out-of-course questions are included. So, sticking with the syllabus is an excellent way to get the highest marks for MDCAT. If by chance, any out-of-course MCQ appears in your exam, it will be removed from the paper by the examination holders.

Buy the Books

There are several best books for preparing for the MDCAT examination and achieving maximum marks in it. Best books for MDCAT Preparation are always textbooks but you have studied textbooks in FSC again and again and Now you need practice of MCQs to sharpen your concepts. The best book for MDCAT MCQs practice is PMC MDCAT Book which is according to PMC Syllabus 2022 and includes all subjects.





Logical Reasoning

Whatsapp 03001783777 to Order PMC MDCAT Book and get at your doorstep with cash on delivery.

Admission to an academy

The best part is that you can get admission to any academy, online or near your place. Studying by yourself is good but not enough; everyone needs a guide, just like ustadfoundation is giving to its students. As you have less time, like 3 months, this academy helps you make a good strategy, clear your concepts, and prepare you for the most crucial exam of your career. In short, an exam that decides your career.

Make a timetable

A timetable is an essential thing in achieving the desired goal. 90 days is not too long, but if you have a proper strategy and timetable for learning, then nothing is complicated.

  • You need 8 to 12 hours of proper study with distractions.
  • Give your full attention to your weak points.
  • Give time to all your subjects; never prioritize one as others are also important.
  • But divide your time according to percentage preferences and the number of chapters. As biology has the maximum percentage and number of units, give it more time than chemistry and physics.
  • Daily practice your English grammar and composition
  • Revise each and everything you learn again and again to memorize it.
  • Solve the past papers to analyze your performance.
  • Take mock tests for further analysis.


Is registration for MDCAT 2022 open?

Yes, the registration has already been started on May 25, 2022.

Is FSC necessary for taking the MDCAT test?

Yes, only those students who pass FSC with science subjects are eligible for MDCAT according to policy by PMC.

What is the last date of registration for MDCAT 2022?

The last date of registration for MDCAT is July 5, 2022.

What are the passing marks for MDCAT?

Passing marks for MDCAT by PMC for the 2021-2022 year are 65% or 137 marks out of 210.

The Final Thought

The query of how many marks are required in FSC for MDCAT is no longer a secret. Every student knows it, and those who have a wish to become future doctors have already prepared themselves for this task. That is why they do their 100% in the intermediate examination. If you have the same wish, prepare yourself to get more than 65% in FSC.

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