Can I do MBBS without MDCAT in Pakistan

Can I do MBBS without MDCAT in Pakistan?

Have you completed your FCS journey with good marks, like 65% or above? Then surely, you are now searching for a good medical college for admission. But do you have enrolled in the MDCAT? No, then how would you become a doctor.

MDCAT is mandatory for getting admission not in the government but also even in private medical colleges. Moreover, it is necessary for both MBBS and BDS.

So, the question is, can I do MBBS without MDCAT in Pakistan? It is crucial to answer. Otherwise, you will lose an important year and the opportunity to become a doctor.

Can I do MBBS without MDCAT in Pakistan?

The simple answer is no; you can’t. You will not get admission to any medical college in Pakistan if you wouldn’t pass your MDCAT. But despite this answer, I am going to discuss some other queries related to this topic, like the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Pakistan 2022. So, happy reading!.

Is MDCAT necessary for private MBBS?

Yes, MDCAT is necessary for private MBBS. According to PMC policy, any student who wants admission to a medical and dental college, either in a government or private institution, must pass the MDCAT. 

All the private institutions are obligated to this policy, so they never enroll any student who hasn’t passed the MDCAT. Even overseas students are obliged to do it.

Moreover, it is also mandatory for army medical college admission. Thus if you want to join the army as a medical cadet, you must pass the MDCAT with a good percentage.  

Although there is no limit to attempting the test for any student, by chance, you must take advantage of the second opportunity if you don’t win luck on the first attempt.

How much percentage is required for MBBS in Pakistan 2022

Not only MDCAT is necessary for MBBS, but you have to acquire a certain percentage for it. Previously, the required percentage was 65%, for both MBBS and BDS but the recent announcement from Pakistan Medical College (PMC) now that students who got 65% marks in MDCAT will be allowed admission to medical institutions and 55% for dental institutions.

But do you know the criteria for MBBS admission 2022-23 in Pakistan and how to achieve a 65% percentage? All these points are important to discuss. So let’s jump into it.

MBBS Admission Criteria 2022 in Pakistan

Similar to any field, there is a criterion important for MBBS admission. This criterion is different for both native and overseas students. I am going to discuss both of them here. 

Native Students’ Eligibility

Native students are individuals who were born in Pakistan and have completed all or a significant portion of their formal education at a Pakistani educational institution. The following is a list of the conditions that must be met for native students to be eligible.

  • In a premedical group, 12 years of HSSC
  • In order for the student to go on to the next level, they need to achieve a score of at least 65 percent in the Intermediate Premedical group.
  • All A-level students can enroll in MBBS if they have an overall grade point average of at least 65 percent in their relevant program.
  • Students at the A-level level are required to have completed coursework in subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
  • If the students have completed A levels, they must get a certificate from the IBCC. This is done to achieve parity with the FSC.
  • There is no age limit for MBBS admission in Pakistan.

Overseas Students’ Eligibility for Admission in MBBS

There are a surprising number of international students that are interested in Pakistan’s medical education. If you are also a student from a country outside Pakistan, then the qualifying requirements are different for you. Pakistan’s public medical universities need applicants to meet their requirements in order to be accepted. Students from outside Pakistan must meet the following requirements to apply.

  • Students must have finished their official education at an institution outside of Pakistan.
  • They must apply for the medical college through open merit or foreign quota seats. Only certain institutions admit abroad students.
  • In order to pass the admissions exam, students need to have scored at least 70 percent or higher.
  • The admissions examination for international students includes biology, chemistry, and physics topics.
  • In addition, for this course to be considered equivalent to the FSc or higher lyceum Certificate level in Pakistan, it must be officially approved by IBCC.

Special Quota

It is essential to note. Applicants must meet all the requirements for their chosen quota to be considered for their selected seat.

Best MDCAT Book

Tips to get a good percentage in MDCAT (Toppers strategy)

  • After getting registered for MDCAT, download the syllabus from the official website of PMC.
  • Buy MDCAT books.
  • Make a proper timetable, because you have only 3 months for preparation.
  • Give proper time to your health and pray, as both are important.
  • Give 8 to 10 hours daily to your study.
  • Divide your time into all subjects.
  • Thoroughly prepare all units of all subjects.
  • Try to clear your concepts. Never consider any point or topic unnecessary.
  • Analyze your weak points.
  • Join an academy for proper MDCAT test preparation. Self-study provides you with enough knowledge, but appropriate guidance is also necessary. A good teacher will always help you, understands your weaknesses, make you focus on them and guide you toward your destination. You will get real motivation from your teachers.
  • Ustad Foundation is one of the platforms that offer honest guidance to all those students who are filled with enthusiasm to become future doctors. What to read and what is important as per the MDCAT test question, where to start and how to proceed, you will get complete instruction here.
  • Spare a few hours daily for English grammar and composition. Focus on this point; although the test contains a few questions related to this, it is one of the most important subjects.
  • Find and buy the previous MDCAT papers, and solve them, as it will help you to understand how much your concepts have been cleared.
  • A mock test is another great way; it has a plus point; in addition to understanding the paper pattern, you can practice time management also. Because you have only one minute per question, it will significantly help you.  


How many times can you give a test for MBBS in Pakistan?

To get admission to MBBS in Pakistan, you must pass the MDCAT, and there is no specific limit. Therefore, you can take MDCAT as many times as you wish.

How to get admission to MBBS in Pakistan?

First, you must pass your intermediate examination in science subjects with 65% and then enroll in the MDCAT. After clearing MDCAT with 55% marks, you can get admission to MBBS in Pakistan.

The conclusion

Can I do MBBS without MDCAT in Pakistan? I hope you got an accurate and satisfactory answer to this question in this guide. I’m pretty sure that any query in your mind regarding MBBS admission criteria in Pakistan is solved now. So, prepare for admission to MDCAT to become a future doctor.

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